Unique Cottage Christmas Memories

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With Christmas and snowflakes quickly becoming a reality, unique Cottage Christmas memories can be made with a little planning ahead to ensure everyone is cozy, has enough to eat, and the presents and stockings are all packed and manageable.

Having a family Christmas at the cottage is many people’s dream. However, the cottage’s location will determine whether this is feasible or not. If your cottage is on an island then access can be impossible if the water has not frozen sufficiently to cross. Many cottages are on seasonal roads and if plowing has not been arranged you may need to park on the roadway and have an ATV or snowmobile available to transport goods and people in. Snowshoes are always a great way to cross deep snow, as well as getting outdoor exercise while making your way to the cottage.

Many cottagers shut down their water in the fall so you need to ensure you bring enough to cook and drink with as well as a bucket to use for flushing the toilet if the cottage water system is off.
Nothing warms a cottage up faster than a roaring fire; with stockings and presents in place, of course, and possibly a fresh-cut tree to finish it off. It generally takes the cottage a while to disperse the winter chill but once warmed up memories can easily be made.

Outdoor activities generally dominate cottage Christmases. Hockey or skating on the frozen lake, snowmobiling or ATVing through the snow-covered bows of the forests or simply going for a walk/snowshoe as there is a totally different group of nature that resides in cottage country during the winter. Helping children identify the different foot/paw prints in the snow can always be a great bonding activity.

Whether you are able to get to the cottage for a special Christmas celebration, or if your home is your cozy entertaining area, may you have a blessed Holiday Season – regardless of what religious tradition you follow. We live in Canada – we are truly blessed by this universe we reside in! Cheers!

Wendy Hunt,
Hunt4Dreams Realty Inc.

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