Real Estate: Cottage Country Versus City Living

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While selling real estate in Cottage Country has many differences in comparison to those selling in the larger cities, we are all licensed in the province of Ontario hence are all governed by and must comply with the same regulatory bodies.

Although we are blessed with the beauty that surrounds us up in the Kawartha Lakes district it is a very different environment for property sales.  What we mainly find are people looking for that “dream” of either a cottage property which the whole family can enjoy or those looking for somewhere to comfortably retire to in 2-3 years. While preparing the property they’ve purchased to meet their needs, clients are at the same time hanging onto their property in the city so that when the eventual retirement target arrives it makes the move and change much smoother for them.

The ups and downs of the financial market have far more impact on the city purchaser/seller than in Cottage Country.  If employment slows down then the “dream” may have to wait another year or so before becoming a reality but there are so many people looking to enjoy what we have the pleasure of soaking in every day that we really have not had a stagnant market here.  Condo high rises with a separate deed for your parking spot and a population so hungry to get their piece of the big smoke that they engage in multiple bidding wars just to find a home are not part of our market.

Our pace is quite different with our main market between April and October (or whenever the first melt happens) due to the increased interest in waterfront properties. All those anxious dreamers find the walls closing in on them and look for that piece of sanity away from the daily grind. Over the winter months a slower pace occurs but between existing residents and new buyers our days are filled.

If you need professional customer service oriented guidance to find your piece of paradise visit and we can set up a search for the DREAM to begin.

Wendy Hunt, Hunt4Dreams

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