Covid/Real Estate Market Update Feb 2021


One Year Later we’d still be sitting in our homes, asked to self isolate, limit social gatherings, stay apart so we can eventually get together, once the vaccine gets out there and herd immunity comes along we’ll be fine!

Don’t know about you but a few countries around that world that chose not to do lock downs have turned out much further ahead than the options the 2 largest countries in North America have.

With a tired population and the dreary thoughts February always bring, it’s hard to remain hopeful, but hopeful we must be.

The Real Estate Market has gone insane ! If you have a search set up with us and haven’t seen anything for a long time please do not be disheartened! Many searches have expired due to the fact that prices have sky rocketed to the point where there may not currently be any available in the price range you originally requested.

If you have not received any listings from us recently please take a moment and respond to this update to let us know: #1 you are still looking to buy a property, #2 review your criteria and advise of any changes & #3 be patient.

Bidding wars, over paying for properties and multiple offers have besieged our market as many flock to either leave urban life in favour of rural life and with the ability to work from home their only requirement is good internet signal rather then waterfront or a spacious home!

Once COVID is in our rear view mirror it’s anticipated that those who chose to leave the Urban setting for Rural may discover they can’t live with out the shopping, activities & restaurant delivery services big city living offers them and we may have a glut of properties come on the market to sell!

The Canadian Ground Hogs gave us something to be hopeful by not seeing their shadow and although they are only 50% correct usually, I’m on the 50% half full version rather then 50% half empty version.

Stay hopeful, stay safe, & as an essential service we are always here to answer your questions, show you any properties or come out and give you an evaluation of your current property if you’re looking to sell as Top Dollar is right now your best opportunity.

May Your Flowers Soon Bloom, May Your Grass Green UP and May Sunshine Daily Light Up Your Life !We need to share positive thoughts - in these challenging times !

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