Be Ready For Winter !


Winter Preparations !

The cold and blowing snow will be upon us soon enough and we should be ready for it.  Starting with the car – make sure the snow brush has bristles left on it and it is in the car before you need it.  Windshield wipers – winter rated are best - are a must to make sure you can see when the slop hits you at 80kms.  Washer fluid -40 degrees, topped up and an extra container in the trunk. Snow tires installed, again before that 6 inches you got overnight !  Blankets, candles and some food snacks for an emergency.

Around the house, all outdoor furniture secured as well as the BBQ.  Gutters and downspouts cleared of leaves and small branches.  Bags of salt and sand near the doors and shovels taken out of storage and set near entrances.  Add weather stripping to any windows or doors where there may be air leaks and costing you extra for heating.  If you are in the country and on a well system, plug in your Pyro-Tenics heater line to prevent winter water line freezing.  Candles, flashlights and batteries at the ready in case of power outages.

Be safe – Be prepared before winter hits.

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